With all types of technologies available today to support modern etailing businesses, WIN have selected what we consider to be the best of breed technologies to deliver world class performance. Our technology selections are independent of vendor relationships and have been driven by user needs and requirements, we do not peddle user licences. We select build and customise solutions that work for our joint venture requirements. Where we see deficencies in systems we add better technology and integrate processes to create better overall solutions. 

Ecommerce Platforms

Depending on the scale, product complexity and size of the catalog we select the appropiate ecommerce solution to fit the job.  For lighterweight requirements we have adopted Open Cart but for more sophisticated system integration and feature rich needs Win use Magento.

Magento in particular offers technical developers like ourselves advanced functionality and the ability to hande complexed catalog and product inventory configurations, The system is supported by a very active user community and in our opinion is the safe bet, over whatever their scale, other propieratory based systems.


WIN Group's background in data and CRM recognises that as good as some of the ecommerce are in terms of handling online shopping they are deficient in their understanding and management of CRM techniques. This is why we utilise the customer management functions within our ecommerce carts but we use other CRM technology to handle deep customer mining and data interogation. This avoids the sending everything out to everyone general practice and replaces this with a detailed understanding of customer profiles, demographics and behaviour. We know from practice this returns far more demand from our customers and helps improve customer relations increasing average spend and returning customer factors. Also by integrating our emarketing platform to our CRM approach we are able to recognise the digital body language of our customers to again improve the effectiveness and one to one nature of our communications.

Hosting and Performance

Without resorting to too much techo babble, WIN Group's IT acumen ensures we select and maintain server and hosting platforms that are best suited and optimised to handle the level of traffic experienced by our sites and are resilient enough to offer a more than accepatable quality of service whilst supporting a practical disaster recovery policy.

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