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Partners in ecommerce

WIN Group work in partnership with Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers to provide end to end multichannel ecommerce business opportunity.

Our business model is a simple one. In response to the current tough trading environments where traditional supply channels are being challenged and restructured, WIN Group seek and work with supply partners to create successful new ecommerce ventures.

No longer can manufacturers and supply distributors rely solely on the endeavours of their reseller channels to sell their products when traditional retailers are suffering from lack of demand, confidence and where consumers have become far more buy savvy.

By forming joint ventures, WIN Group bring their own experience of ecommerce, marketing, retail and distribution together with the domain experience of its supply line partners, offering them new routes and access to end user markets. Whilst sharing expertise and risk, the approach helps compress traditional distribution models to deliver value to the customers. And by sharing sales revenues ensures both partners remain committed to the cause.

So if you operate in a business to business or business to consumer marketplace and you are looking to explore new channels to market please contact WIN to explore a potential new business opportunity.

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