WIN Group origins are in sales and marketing, adopting both new and traditional techniques to raise awareness and generate the right traffic to our online platforms. Our firm belief and broad church view is that it is all about blending the best from both Outbound and Inbound marketing techniques to achieve optimum results. So whilst many from the marketing fraternity are currently talking up Social media as the panacea, we remain grounded in the knowledge that it has its place alongside traditional marketing techniques. Our ultimate approach is all based around Data and the interrogation of data into information to manage customer relationships. All this experience is supported by our marketing toolsets - to help manage customer data, (CRM) integrated emarketing broadcast engine, social media management tools and the full array of site analysis tools and analytics.

Outbound Marketing

Subject to the budget for our joint ventures we will deploy a combination of outbound activities including advertising, pr and media relations, emarketing and paid for online advertising. Emarketing will always be data driven with our ability to segment information to target the precise buyer behaviours and profiles of our customers, paid for advertising is used, never exclusively, to build initial demand traction and to uplift seasonal campaigns.

Inbound Marketing

WIN understand how to creatively exploit and work the existing and emerging social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Originating and marketing stimulating content including blogging to these channels involves a coordinated approach to ensure we achieve the maximum interaction with our target base. Understanding the social networks to work with is key and to then produce relevant quality content with the assistance of guest bloggers will help establish authority and following on the net.

Site Engineering

A never ending process but commitment to site engineering across our online platforms ensures that essential content is fully optimised for search engines. Once the framework of meta information is in place we continue to undertaken monthly updates to keep optimised levels to a maximum. The extra commitment to the generation of good meaningful product content pays dividends and is rewarded by improved searchability. Finally a genuine reciprocal link building programme, whilst time consuming will build further authority for our sites.

Affiliate Programs

Working with affiliate management schemes or operating our own online partner recruitment programmes can help extend online reach and multiplying campaign traffic. Understanding how affiliates operate and identifying the best ones to work with most intensively will pay dividends.


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