Getting the goods to the customer and the ability to manage the thing all etailers hate - Returns are all part of the end to end process the WIN Group administers in partnership with our joint ventures. Different distribution models can be applied dependent on the type and scale of products and complexity of the logistics involved.

Warehousing and Distribution

Most of our joint venture businesses due to the nature of their business focus have the expertise, resources and warehousing to operate storage and distribution services. Where this doesn't exist for whatever reason, the WIN Group have access to warehousing facilities to perform pick, pack and despatch operations. Where we are working with certain distributors and wholesalers we will cordinate 'Drop Ship' operations.



With the rich mix of international Carriers to choose from, dependent on the type of product we are handling we will select the best suited partner. As most leading Carriers operate sophisticated delivery and tracking technology WIN integrates this information to keep our customers fully informed about their purchases.

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