WIN Group have a wide range of experience in developing, launching and managing ecommerce websites. We can support your requirements from initial market research through to marketing, CRM and the whole spectrum of support services ecommerce requires.

The WIN Group ecommerce process

  • Planning
    We provide a thorough planning service which starts as an off-line function to determine product lines, margin and opportunity analysis
  • Design
    Our professional design solutions provide well considered user experiences while providing differentiation and increasing visitor appeal
  • ecommerce platform
    We use a new generation, international acclaimed and adopted platform that provides an end-to-end e-business solution
  • Project Management
    WIN Group provide a dedicated project management service to manage process schedules and deadlines
  • Site Marketing
    Our marketing experts implement best and new practice adoption techniques covering a blend of SEO, paid for advertising, social media networking and traditional marketing mediums
  • Reporting and CRM
    Intuitive reporting package, supported by CRM methods to help understand customer behaviour and to support intelligent marketing and sales
  • Partnering
    WIN Group will also consider joint ventures, risk reward agreements, investment and other funding options
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